Learn About The Wheelchairs 

MAC Georgia spent more than two years field testing wheelchairs across various Georgian rural and urban contexts. We observed how each model stood up to the rigors of use, listened to user and parent reviews, and carefully assessed each chair’s ability to support the wide range of physical needs encountered.  This work led us to identify 105our wheelchair models, along with a supportive insert and two postural systems, that we believe are well suited to positively impact Georgian children with mild through severe physical disabilities. These devices range in complexity and levels of support and will help us with meeting individual needs, improving posture, mitigating secondary complications, and promoting better overall quality of life.

Girl in Wheelchair

A properly fitted wheelchair

Provides postural support and assists the child to rest in the position that is best for him/her

Maximizes comfort

Improves breathing, digestion, and vocalization

Prevents, delays, or accommodates deformities

Encourages functional independence by placing the child in a position where muscles and the skeletal structure are most effectively utilized

Boosts self esteem by providing the child with more opportunities for success

Shonaquip Madiba2go Buggy ($495) 

Ideal for: Children from 6 months with intermediate to advanced disabilities who cannot self propel or sit independently. 

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Seat flexibility provides optimal alignment and postural support during functional activities

Folding base frame-makes it easy to transport

Shonaquip Sully Active

Shonaquip Sully Active ($495)

Ideal for: children (18 months and older) with basic to intermediate postural support needs who are able to self propel.

Highly maneuverable yet stable 

Able to move over rough terrain 

Easily packable for easy transport

Adjustable to varying ages and sizes of growing children making it usable for a longer amount of time

Shonaquip Madiba2go Active ($495) 

Combination of Madiba2go seating system with rugged off road wheel based of the Sully Active.

Ideal for: Active children from 1 to 6 years of age who are able to self-propel

Intermediate to advance postural support

Adjustable to fit growing child

Highly maneuverable yet stable 

Designed for easy movement in locations with rough terrain

Easily taken apart for convenient transport

shonaquip madiba2go
Motivation Moti-go

Motivation Moti-go ($300)

Ideal for: children, 3-17 years of age with advanced needs who can self propel but require stability over rough rural, terrain.

Allows safe, independent mobility

Easy to adjust

Collapsible for ease of transportation

Adjustable to grow with a child

Shonaquip TessBack ($110)

Ideal for: children who already have a wheelchair but need firm pelvis and trunk side support to help promote the healthy development of the spine, thus preventing and/or delaying the formation of spinal deviations. 

Basic to intermediate postural support

30+ different back and side support combinations

Compatible  with a wide variety of wheelchairs

Lightweight and user-friendly

Easily adjustable to fit a growing child

Shonaquip TessBack
Shonaquip LATS

Shonaquip LATS ($65/pair)

Ideal for: children who have a wheelchair but need additional upper body support. Helps to promote healthy development of the spine, thus preventing/ delaying spinal deviations.

Lightweight & easy to adjust

Intermediate postural support

Works on a wide variety of wheelchairs

Relatively low cost solution

Mobile Service

Dr. Jeanne Brady

Managed by Dr. Jeanne Brady, our team of Occupational Therapists are skilled in assessing needs and prescribing/modifying chairs881010 to serve the specific needs of each individual. Once the wheelchairs arrive in Georgia, MAC will begin to distribute them, traveling around the country to pre-selected regional hubs in order to assess individual needs, modify existing chairs or fit children into new ones, and then provide training and guidance to wheelchair users and/or their parents. We will work with families to ensure proper use and maintenance of the chairs and will provide ongoing follow-up to each location throughout the year to reassess and to make re-adjustments as needed.

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