Giving Wheels

providing children with disabilities the tools to lead healthy, independent lives.

McLain Association for Children is working to ensure that all children in Georgia have access to the wheelchairs they need so that they can be as active, healthy, and independent as possible.

Please Consider Making a Donation Today

100% of donations made will go towards the purchase and shipping of wheelchairs and supportive devices to Georgia.
All costs related to staff travel, salaries, and administration will be paid for by MAC.

shonaquip madiba2go  $300 – $500

Provides a complete wheelchair to a child.*

*Device costs vary depending on the severity of the child’s needs.

Shonaquip TessBack  $100

Provides a back support system that can adapt as children grow and prevent or slow the progression of many spinal deformities.

Shonaquip LATS  $50

Provides a pair of adjustable side panels that can fit to most any wheelchair to provide support and structure for a range of disabilities prominent in Georgia.

The right wheel chair

The vast majority of children in Georgia who are wheelchair users suffer from disorders that prevent them from independently sitting upright. For these children, a standard wheelchair is not enough. A properly fitted supportive wheelchair is needed to brace their bodies in an upright position. Improved posture means greater comfort, well being, and functional independence. Fitting a child into a wheelchair with correct postural support preserves the child’s physical health and significantly improves her/his overall quality of life.

Tragically, fewer than two in every ten wheelchairs in Georgia are currently fitted to the needs of their users. As a result, thousands of Georgian children continue to suffer preventable health issues, physical deformities, and loss of independence.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With your help, McLain Association for Children can start placing these children into wheelchairs that are right for them. Together, we can offer each of these children the chance to reach their full potential.


We are raising money to purchase high-quality supportive wheelchairs for children in need. Our team of experts will travel throughout the country assessing, fitting, and following up with each child to ensure that the device fits according to her/his specific needs.